Space Weather API



The Space Weather API provides access to near real-time data from the Space Weather Services section of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

This API is under development. We have made it available for testing and to seek feedback. We intend to revise the API to comply with the DTO API Design Guide when it is finalised.

API specification

Data can be obtained using an HTTP POST request to the appropriate URL. An API key and any relevant options must be included in the request body. The request body and the response are in JSON. The character encoding is UTF-8.

For API details, please refer to the API specification.

Data description

The API currently provides data as described below.

We plan to make more data available in the future. Data is available at no charge, though this remains subject to change.


To use the Space Weather API, you first need to register. This will provide you with an API key that must be included in all your API request messages.


The demo page demonstrates the Space Weather API, providing live examples of requests and responses.


We are keen to hear what you think. Please send your questions, comments and other feedback to